domenica 23 settembre 2007

|| * International Swap * ||

I'm Italian girl, 22 years old.
I live in this part of Italy (Marche).
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I can swap everything (food, magazines, music, and anything you want!).
I want to swap, particularly, with people from Asia and U.S.

My wishlist

* food&snacks/magazine/pictures/objects typical of your country

* 80s stuff! (accessories, bags, clothes ... or anything else! ^_^)

* badges

* stuff with zombies/vampires/skeletons/pirates/pin-up

* make-up

* movie posters

* geek stuff (expecially woman t-shirt with geek phrases or geek images!)

* strange false eyelashes

*cosmetic pouch

* incense

* exotic/esoteric books and objects

* everything you want to send me! surprise me ^_^

I love black and neon colors ^_^

Gimme Your Stuff

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aneez backer ha detto...


Thanks for writing to me.

I would definetly like to swap with you, but I already have my platter full for swap for atleast next two months


sanjana ha detto...


i am definitely interested in swapping with you, but i will be able to swap with you in november. do mail me at, and we'll work out a swap.

take care :)

wenlin ha detto...
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Kendra ha detto...

Would you like to swap with a girl from california!? i love sending colorful packages full of neat things. Im a shopoholic!

Sueminn ha detto...

my name is sueminn and i am a 16 year old girl from new jersey (very near new york city). let's swap! or , please!

alwayslate ha detto...

hello do you still do swaps?
do let me know okay !
check out mine at

or email me at

REDRUST ha detto...
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